Installing Oracle ADF Runtime for Oracle Endeca

Installing Oracle ADF Runtime

After you install WebLogic Server, you next install ADF Runtime, which contains the JRF needed byOracle Endeca Server.

To install Oracle ADF Runtime:

1. Unpack the ADF zip package (
The package contains:
• readme.htm file
• Disk1 directory
• Disk2 directory

2. From a command prompt, change to the Disk1 directory.

3. Run the installer:

setup.exe -jreLoc
is the full path to the location of the Sun Java 6 JRE (Java Runtime Environment) that
you installed. The JRE is located in the JDK installation directory.

For example:
setup.exe -jreLoc c:\Java\jdk1.6.0_43\jre

The Welcome page of the ADF installation wizard is displayed.

4. On the Welcome page, read the information, then click Next.

5. On the Install Software Updates page, click the Skip Software Updates radio button, then click Next.

6. On the Prerequisite Checks page, wait until the installation process passes all the necessary checks.If everything passes the checks, click Next.

7. On the Specify Installation Location page, verify that the Oracle Middleware Home directory is the location where you installed WebLogic, then click Next.

8. On the Application Server page, click the WebLogic Server radio button, then click Next.

9. On the Installation Summary page, verify the installation details, then click Install.

10. On the Installation Progress page, when the installation process has completed, click Next.

11. On the Installation Complete page, to exit the installer, click Finish.

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