Verifying the Endeca Server deployment for Oracle Endeca

Verifying the Endeca Server deployment
After installing the Endeca Server, you should verify that the Endeca Server application was correctly deployed.
To verify the Endeca Server application deployment:

1. To start the Admin Server for the Endeca Server domain, run

Alternatively, from the Windows Start menu, select Oracle WebLogic>User_Projects>endeca_server_domain>Start Admin Server for Weblogic Server Domain.

2. When prompted, enter the administrator user name and password for the Endeca Server domain.

3. From a Web browser, go to the Administration Server console at

4. On the Administration Console login page, log in using the domain administrator user name and password.

5. Under Domain Structure, in the endeca_server_domain tree, click Deployments.

6. In the Deployments table, check the oracle.endecaserver Web application (on the second page of the list).
Its State should be "Active" and its Health should be "OK".

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