Installing Integrator

Installing Integrator

Integrator is installed as a machine-wide installation on Windows.
This type of installation requires administrator permissions and is used because it is intended for a production environment. To complete this installation, you need the Integrator package you downloaded from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

To install Integrator on a Windows client:

1. From the Integrator package, extract EID_3.0_Integrator_designer.exe.This is the Integrator installer file.

2. To start the wizard, double-click the installer file.

The wizard verifies the contents of the installation package. 3. To begin the installation process, click Next.

4. On the Copyright and Legal page, click Next.

5. On the Destination Folder page, accept the default installation directory, then click Next. You must install Integrator into an empty directory.

6. On the Completing the Setup Wizard page, click Next.

The wizard begins to install the Integrator files.

7. When the wizard confirms that you have successfully completed the installation, click Finish.

8. After installation, to start the program, double-click the Integrator shortcut icon.

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