Deploying Studio into the domain for Oracle Endeca

Deploying Studio into the domain
To install Studio, you use the WebLogic Administration Console to deploy endeca-portal-weblogic3.0.x.ear into the WebLogic domain.

When you deploy using these instructions, the following default locations are used:

Context path --> Studio is deployed to the domain's root context.
Liferay Home directory --> The Liferay Home directory is C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains.
To deploy endeca-portal-weblogic-3.0.x.ear into the Studio WebLogic domain:
1. Set up the Liferay Home directory (C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains):
(a) Extract the file from the top level of
(b) Place in the Liferay Home directory.
(c) In the Liferay Home directory, create the following subdirectories: -

• \data\endeca-data-sources
• deploy
• weblogic-deploy

2. If WebLogic Server isn't already started, then to start it, run the WebLogic Server startup script(C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\endeca_studio_domain\startWebLogic.cmd).
Alternatively, from the Windows Start menu, select Oracle WebLogic>User_Projects>endeca_studio_domain>Start Admin Server for Weblogic Server Domain.

3. Extract endeca-portal-weblogic-3.0.x.ear from

4. Use the WebLogic Administration Console to deploy endeca-portal-weblogic-3.0.ear into the domain.
(a) Go to the Administration Console at https://localhost:8101/console.
(b) On the login page, log in using the domain administrator user name and password.
(c) Under Helpful Tools, click Configure applications.

(d) If necessary, click Lock & Edit at the top left of the page.
(e) Click the Install button.

(f) Use the file browser to find the endeca-portal-weblogic-3.0.x.ear file, then click the radio button to the left of it.

(g) Click Next.
(h) On the next page, under Choose targeting style, make sure the Install this deployment as an application radio button is selected, then click Next.

(i) On the next page, accept the default selections, then click Finish.

(j) If necessary, click Activate Changes.

The deployment may take several minutes. Make sure you do not try to log in to Studio before the deployment is complete.
5. When the deployment process is completed, the deployment status is Prepared. To start the deployment:
(a) In the Deployments list, check the checkbox for the Studio deployment.

(b) Click the Start button.
(c) From the drop-down list, select Servicing all requests.
(d) Under Start Deployments, click Yes.

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