Why India can’t be Corruption free?

This is one incident which happened with one of my colleague, who wanted to bring is bike here in Pune from his hometown via Railway Transport (Parcel Service).

(At his Hometown)
Colleague: What is procedure of parceling the Bike from here to Pune?
Officer in charge: You have to take certificate from Police Inspector stating your vehicle is not stolen and it belongs to you, then get is packed and pay the charge for transporting, that’s it, sir.

(For certificate)
Colleague: Sir, I want certificate stating my vehicle is not stolen and it belongs to me.
Railway Police Inspector: For inspection of you Bike, I will charge Rs 100 off the papers.

(For packing)
Colleague: Sir, I want get my bike packed for transporting it to Pune.
Packing guy: We will do nice packing fit for travel it will take Rs 300 , shall I do it ?
Colleague: Yes, cool.

(For paying for transportation)
Colleague: Sir, I want to parcel my bike from here to Pune?
Officer: What’s value of your bike?
Colleague: I bought it for Rs 50,000 .
Officer: If you show this much then you will have to pay more charge, quote less value.
Colleague: Okay then its bit old, so, make it Rs 25,000 .
Officer: So with this value of your bike and the distance between source and destination, the charges are Rs 860 , but round-off total is Rs 910 .

(After Bike was left for parceling for 2 days the status of online receipt showed that bike was loaded at his hometown.)
Another Colleague: Hey where is your bike? Didn’t reached yet?
Colleague: Status shows: it’s loaded 2 days before but not yet reached here.
Another Colleague: Hey bro, check it out at railway station it might already be arrived there.

(Just went to try our luck at railway station on 1st )
Colleague: Sir, Is this bike arrived here?
Peon 1: Show me the receipt?
Peon 2: Receipt is fine; find your vehicle from the parked ones.
(Peon 1 assisted along)
Peon 2: Sir, do you have NOC? And when was your bike parceled.
Colleague: It was parceled on 29th but it didn’t show that it was unloaded here.
Peon 2: Don’t Worry. Just go to officer he will explain you; we are here to help you.
Officer: Show me your receipt.
Colleague: here you go Sir.
Officer: Hey this bike reached hereby 29th evening itself. Now you have to pay fine Rs 10 per hour. So, total it was here for 2 days. Your fine is Rs 470 .

(While escorting us to the gate of Parcel Office)
Peon 1 & Peon 2: Sir, its good you are coming out without trouble because of us at least gives us token of thanks.
Colleague (Bit frustrated): Officer already charged me fine of Rs 470 I have nothing left to give you.
Peon 2: What Sir, now we have facilities of ATM and all.
Peon 1: Okay Sir, whatever you have, that’s fine.
Peon 2: Hey, he will manage! We are not here to do free service.
Colleague: Sir, take Rs 50 , I have very less left with me now.
Peon 1: Let’s go, I will unpack you the bike.
Peon 2: Hey, let them go now. Why are you trying to be his big brother now. Anyway, paid like chillers for our favor. Let them do by their own.
(Peon 1 escorted till the exit gate of railway station. While unpacking the bike)
Peon 1: Sir, I am unpacking your vehicle but just take care of the Police inspector over there.
Colleague: Thank you bhaya.

(While going out of the Railway Station)
Police Inspector: Show me you gate pass?
Colleague: here you go sir.
Police Inspector: Where is your RC book, NOC and all??
(Colleague while searching for documents)
Police Inspector: Hey, you have it or not? Don’t waste my time. Be Quick!!
Colleague: This is my RC Book.
Police Inspector: Okay you don’t have NOC. So, you have to pay Rs 500 fine here.
(Colleague explaining what all happened at the parcel office and now he is almost cashless)
Colleague: Sir, please try to understand.
Police Inspector: What Sir, you are really wasting my time. Okay tell me how much you have left with you?
(Colleague searched each and every penny left in his wallet)
Colleague: Sir, I have only Rs 40 at whole.
Police Inspector: Okay give and go from here quickly.

This whole system is corrupt. No one is to blame. But everybody does it at their own level, be it large or small. No one is ready to help other just rob others. It’s like even if at some point/level someone tries to bring some change, still rest will bring everything to the original level.

“All frogs in the well, trying to pull each other’s leg down. Letting no one to come out.”

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Being #Busy => #Happiness......then why be #idle?

‘why are people so busy?’ The obvious reasons we guess is because people want to help others, to work, to be a part of the society etc.

On the other hand, our minds can wander just as bad when we are busy as when we’re not. When we get the choice to be idle we take the chance without doubt but once again we take every opportunity to be busy so we could avoid boredom. So my question is, why do we decide to be idle? Personally, I think it’s a paradox

Being busy doesn’t necessary mean running around from one event to another. No. Thomas A. Edison once said : “Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing.” Being busy could be physically or mentally.

After analysing both sides I’ve decided that being busy does help towards being happy and we choose to be idle because we have to find a decent reason for being busy. Would you agree?

"To be idle is a short road to death and to be diligent is a way of life; foolish people are idle, wise people are diligent."

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